Wink - Signature Pen Kit - Pink

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The Signature Pen Kit in pink color is a refillable and rechargeable pen kit, for your essential or CBD oil. It is an empty container with its USB charger and a convenient magnetic cap. You can charge this pen when it is filled for easy consumption of your CBD oil or hemp. It is a much more comfortable and effective way to consume your daily dosage of CBD. You can refill it when it is empty, and it takes faster to charge up and put to use.

It comes empty, and the user will have to refill it with their preferred CBD oil extract. It is easy to use and carry around. It comes in an attractive pink color, which gives its trendy appearance. It is very portable to carry.


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This product contains less than 0.03% THC. Legal in 49 states and 40 Countries.

Reasons to Purchase the Signature Pen Kit PINk Oil Vaporizer Online

  • You will get the best quality Signature Pen Kit when you get it online, made up of quality and durable materials.
  • Made up of safe and quality material that meet up the required safety standard.
  • It is made in the United States of America.
  • Fast delivery, and it is possible to get your delivery the same day you made the order.

Why You Should Pick Signature Pen Kit PINk Oil Vaporizer as Your Daily Dose of CBD

The usage of Vape oil for consuming CBD is the most convenient way of taking your daily dosage of CBD, and the signature pen is the perfect kit to use. With the Wink Signature pen kit, you can refill the pen, and get instant relief or effect form your favorite CBD flavor.

It is the best way for new users to learn how to consume their daily dosage of CBD product, for it is easy and efficient to absorb. It is portable and can be taken along with you anywhere. Easy to use as you do not need to smoke or drink CBD product, as the charged up pen make it easy to absorb when in your mouth. It can be charged faster and efficiently with the USB cord that comes with it in a suitable USB outlet. It charges so quickly, under one hour and it is advisable not to overcharge the pen.

Take it off when it is fully charged to prevent damage and keep away from the reach of children.

How to Take Signature Pen Kit PINk Oil Vaporizer

It is easy to fill the container, and you can quickly inhale the content when it is fully charged. It is easy to charge and it is fully charged in less than an hour. When it is empty, you can easily refill it and use it again, and you do not have to dispose of the container.