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Not only can you enjoy CBD; your pets can enjoy the benefits too. The problem is that a lot of manufacturers are mislabelling their products, using CBD and hemp to sell their products, despite there not being any active cannabidiol. At Sunnyy, this is not how we sell our products. We let our great quality do the talking, using superior CBD oils that are fit for human consumption.

A lot of pets suffer from separation anxiety and CBD can be a way to offer some relief. Using hemp cannabidiol in the form of treats may help your dog relax and calm down when you’re at work or have to go out. When pets are stressed for a long period of time, it can affect their overall health. CBD can be used for small and larger canines to ease the worry when you’re away.

Do you want to learn more about CBD and how it could help your pets? Here are some great resources you can read. Don’t forget that you can shop online and enjoy our fantastic CBD products for your pets!

CBD for Pets FAQ's

Can CBD Help My Pet?

Pure CBD can be beneficial for your pet if they suffer from stress and separation anxiety. Dog owners can use CBD as a calming solution to help their canine when they’re at work or out of the house during the day. It can also be used while they’re on vacation. This can help dogs of all ages, as stress can be bad to the health over a long period of time. It’s also possible to use CBD to help with old age, such as suffering from painful joints and arthritis. It’s recommended to give CBD hemp treats first thing in the morning so that it can have an effect throughout the day, helping your pet relax.

How Much CBD Should I Give My Pet?

It can be difficult knowing how much CBD to give your furry friend. You don’t’ want to give them too much and you also want to make sure you give them enough to have a relaxing effect. All products are going to be different and most packaging will give you guidance on how much CBD to give your pet. We’d say not to give your pet more than 1 mg of hemp extract per 10 pounds of weight. For pets that weigh more than this, you can add around ½ mg per next 10 pounds. For example, 30 pound dogs should only be given 2 mg of hemp extract.