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CBD pouches can offer fast-acting relief and they’ve become a popular choice for people on the move. But the problem is, a lot of manufacturers are taking advantage of this and offering substandard CBD products. We’re not a fan of this over at Sunnyy. That is why we offer pure, potent CBD pouches that are high quality and made in the USA.

Pouches offer convenience when travelling. They’re easy to use and you can put the product away in your pocket or bag and take it with you. It’s always a fast way to enjoy the effects of CBD. This could include stress relief and uplifting your mood, encouraging a healthy sleep cycle, reducing inflammation and helping your appetite. Usually, CBD pouches are inserted and held between your cheek and gum; effects may be felt within 15 minutes. At Sunnyy, we offer quality CBD pouches that you can enjoy.

If you wish to find out more about CBD and how it works, here are some good resources to get you started. Don’t forget that Sunnyy has a fantastic range of quality CBD products waiting for you to try!

CBD Pouches FAQ's

Are CBD pouches legal?

Of course! We make sure that our CBD pouches can be enjoyed by everyone. All of our products contain 0.02% THC; this is well under the maximum amount. This means that our CBD pouches are legal in all 50 states.

What’s the difference between CBD oil and CBD pouches?

CBD oil is placed underneath the tongue. It’s usually held for around 60 to 90 seconds and it has a quick absorption rate into the bloodstream. CBD pouches are inserted and held between your cheek and gum.

Are CBD pouches convenient to use?

Yes, customers enjoy using CBD pouches because they’re fast-acting and can be enjoyed when you’re travelling. The pouch is easy to fit into your pocket and you can choose when you want to enjoy your daily dose of CBD.

Can CBD pouches help with anxiety?

CBD may have a relaxing and de-stressing effect. This means that some customers feel CBD pouches helps them with their anxiety. You can discreetly enjoy cannabinoids without anyone realizing.

What benefits can CBD pouches offer?

Some customers have said that CBD pouches has helped them with stress relief, inflammation, appetite and their mood. Everybody can have a difference experience with CBD and you may feel it can help you too.

How do you use CBD pouches?

You can insert the CBD into your mouth and hold it between your cheek and gum. This is all you’ve got to do; the cannabinoids do the rest. Some customers say that they can feel the effects of CBD pouches within 15 minutes.