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A lot of people are making the transition to vape pens and enjoying their daily CBD intake. Of course, a lot of manufacturers know this but aren’t focusing on quality cannabidiol; they’re only thinking about profits. At Sunnyy, we concentrate on using quality CBD that is made in the USA. We make sure it’s the best when it comes to purity and potency so that you can have the best experience.

The benefits of cannabidiol have been researched and it may help with inflammation, stress, sleeping habits and appetite. Using a vape pen is another way to enjoy CBD, instead of capsules, topicals or edibles. There is no psychoactive effect since there is no THC present. Inhalation from a vape pen can provide good bioavailability, allowing you to enjoy more CBD.

Do you want to know more about CBD and its benefits? We’ve discovered some great resources you can read. You can also shop online at Sunnyy and take a look at the superior CBD products we offer!

CBD Vape FAQ's

Is CBD vaping oil legal?

Yes; our CBD vaping oil is legal in all 50 states. This is because it contains hardly any THC; there’s only 0.02% THC found in our CBD vaping oil. This is way under the legal limit so you won’t have to worry.

Will CBD vaping make me high?

No, using our CBD vaping oil doesn’t make your ‘high’. This is because it doesn’t have psychoactive components and contains miniscule amounts of THC. You can enjoy vaping CBD and just enjoy the benefits it can provide.

How do you vape CBD?

It’s very straightforward to vape CBD; all you’ve got to do pour some into your normal cartridge. The amount you use is up to you but be sure to check the recommendations on the packaging. You can mix it with your preferred e-liquid or use the CBD oil on its own. This choice is yours. Some customers choose to fill their cartridge with 50% CBD and 50% e-liquid.

Will vaping CBD help with anxiety?

Dealing with anxiety can be difficult. Some customers have given us feedback indicating that vaping CBD may have helped them with everyday stresses. CBD could have a relaxing effect, which may ease the burden of anxiety.

Can vaping CBD help me quit smoking?

There are some people that use CBD to help them quit smoking. Cannabinoids may have a relaxing effect, which might help you resist the urge to light a cigarette. Everybody is different and this is something that you would have to try for yourself.

How long will my CBD vaping oil take to arrive?

We always aim to ship the same day for your order. This means that the average wait time that you can expect is between two and five days. You can always contact us if you think your order has been longer than this.