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Sunnyy offer you USA-made, carefully sourced hemp CBD, which is the same great quality as our other CBD products. A lot of manufacturers are guilty of using leftover scrap material in their CBD topicals; we don’t. We only use the best cannabidiol for our products so that you can feel the benefits for yourself.

Topical CBD cream might be just what you need if you’re experience discomfort. Cannabidiol cream offers direct and fast-acting relief to inflammation or pain, which can be preferred over waiting on the effects of oils, edibles or capsules. Of course, it’s equally important that you purchase quality CBD topicals. This is where Sunnyy can help you.

CBD Topicals FAQ's

Are CBD topicals and cream the same?

Yes; they normally mean the same thing. We use the term ‘topical’ because this means that the product should be applied to the skin. It’s not for ingestion or consuming like edibles or drinks. We offer CBD creams that are for topical use; you just massage it onto the skin.

Can CBD topical offer relief from arthritis pain?

It’s important to realise that the CBD products to purchase are not intended for the treatment or prevention of any disease. It may be beneficial to discuss this concern with your qualified physician.

Why do people use CBD cream?

Our customers choose to use CBD cream for a variety of reasons, whether it’s for inflammation caused by exercise or dry skin. In particular, the moisturizing components of our CBD cream has received positive feedback. This can help damaged skin. All you’ve got to do is massage on a small amount and see the results for yourself. Of course, the infusion of organic CBD extract can also be beneficial.

How much CBD cream should I use at one time?

It’s difficult to say the exact dosage that is going to be in a CBD lotion. It’s normally recommended to use a thin cover on your skin. It’s going to be different for everybody and it’s best to experiment and see what your body tells you. Customer feedback suggests that a single 2 oz jar can last over a month and this is even with daily use.

How does CBD topicals compare to ointments?

Other than the choice of words, there isn’t any major difference between CBD topicals and ointments. They’re both intended for application to the body and they shouldn’t be ingested or consumed.