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Works like a CHARM!
I love theses capsules. I use them everyday and they help me feel more calm and at peace throughout the day. I don't go anywhere without taking these first.
New CBD user
I just recently started to look into all the health benefits that come from adding CBD to your daily health routine and decided to give it a try. I chose to go with the capsules because I am not a fan of smoking and was never fond of edibles. I am not a big THC user and was looking into CBD just to out of curiosity. I do not suffer from any major illnesses that CBD are reported to improve, but I did notice a significant difference after starting my regiment. I began by micro dosing and only taking one a day for a week to see how it effected me. After my first week, I saw slight improvements in my emotional levels. I was over all happier. NOT HIGH! Just happy. I found more joy throughout the day in little things that I would commonly over look. By the second week I started taking 2 pills a day and felt a world of a difference. I have since been able to sleep better and all throughout the night. My moods have been elevated and stable, so to speak, and I just over all feel better. I am starting to run low and placing a second order so I make sure to not skip a day! So far I'm very pleases and thanks to Sunnyy CBD they have gained a repeat customer!
CBD+ Capsules allow you to easily incorporate CBD into your life. The capsules are a convenient and quick way to improve your health and wellness...

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