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Procana - Vape Liquid - Fresh Menthol Enhancing


Procana Fresh Menthol Liquid Vape is just what you need to enhance your day. Each 1 oz bottle contains 300 mg of CBD, as well as natural oils and organic flavors. Procana use pure isolated CBD that is extracted from hemp.

All of the vape liquids from Procana are manufactured to GMP standards and they are laboratory tested. This ensures excellent quality.


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This product contains less than 0.03% THC. Legal in 49 states and 40 Countries.


Natural MCT Oil, Natural Flavors

About Potency

There is no definitive answer when it comes to how much CBD you should take. This is going to be your choice and based on what feels good for your body. There are some factors that will affect the potency you need, including your weight, tolerance, metabolism and Endocannabinoid System.

To ensure you have a good experience and enjoy using CBD long term, start small and take the minimal dosage. This can be around 1 to 2 mg of CBD. It is best to wait six hours to know how your body reacts. You can then increase this dosage by up to 5 mg.

Reasons to Purchase the Procana Fresh Menthol Liquid Vape Online

  • 300 mg of CBD
  • Delivers fast-acting relief
  • Can be enjoyed by experienced users
  • Enhancing Fresh Menthol flavor
  • Add CBD to your vape
  • Can be used on the move

Can Vaping Liquid be Used Daily?

You may find vaping enjoyable like a lot of other customers. It is safe to vape everyday and enjoy your daily source of CBD. It is more exciting than taking capsules or CBD oil, right? It is important to point out that CBD is not intended to treat or prevent disease. It is being sold as a dietary supplement and everyone will have a different experience with it.

You may hear vaping liquid being called ‘CBD vape oil’ by people or on the labels of products. But they should not contain any oil. Instead, they should contain food grade ingredients that are safe for oral ingestion. Always make sure that you look at the ingredients of a product before you purchase it. Any product that contains more than PG, terpenes, cannabinoids, VG or CBD extract will not be appropriate for vaping. Look out for ‘e-liquid’ or ‘vape juice’ on labels for suitable and safe products.

How to Enjoy Procana Vape Liquid

Procana Vape Liquid is simple to use and you just have to use it as a normal refill. It should be stored in a cool and dry place when it is not in use. This means out of direct sunlight and heat, along with avoiding humidity. This will preserve the quality of the product so you do not waste your money and have to buy more.

About Manufacturer

Procana Laboratories was founded in 2013 and it is a company that has led when it comes to innovative cannabinoid research. They offer medicinal products, as well as continuing medicinal studies. They are supported by scientists and doctors, with success in treating different ailments and continuing to test different formulations and cannabinoid ratios. Their products are upheld to GMP standards, with all of their medicinal products put through extensive laboratory testing to ensure their excellent quality.

Lab Report / Certificate of Analysis

Procana Vape Liquid Fresh Menthol Enhancing