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Mosaic - Full Spectrum Hemp Oil - Unflavored 300mg

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The Mosaic Tincture oil is an all-natural mixture and naturally unflavored to boost energy. The product under GMP standards had gone through several tests, and quality assurance processes to certify them suitable for consumption.

They have been known to boost energy, relax the nerves, and improve living conditions. It had been tested by a third party to ensure that no pesticides or additives are present. Properly tested to make sure nothing but what is mentioned as used in manufacturing are consumed. The product had also passed the potency integrity test, with accurate milligram quantification. The potency of this product is 300mg, and you get what we have on our product.


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This product contains less than 0.03% THC. Legal in 49 states and 40 Countries.


CBD, Coconut Oil (MCT).

Why would you buy Mosaic Tincture oil online?

The mosaic tincture oil will be delivered to you in the next two to three business days upon order. At times, products are provided the same day upon request.

  • Reliably consistent product.
  • The Mosaic Tincture oil provides instant relief upon administering the product.
  • The product is unflavored.
  • It is made in the USA.
  • There is no additives or preservatives as it is 100% natural.
  • Fast delivery.

Why Choose Mosaic Tincture Oil Unflavored?

Active Lifestyle

The ability of the Mosaic Tincture oil to relieve pain will improve your lifestyle. This product with no side effects reduces pain for those who suffer pain due to any ailment.

Boost Confidence

Tincture oil can boost confidence as it helps to relieve stress and anxiety. With the CBD oil, you face each day with renewed energy and increase boost of energy.

Better Focus

With studies carried out on this product shows that it will improve focus. This is because it helps regulate sleep and better sleep and relaxation makes it possible to focus on daily activities.

Improve Wellbeing

The overall benefits of the CBD Tincture oil promote the general well being of the body.

How to administer the product

The Tincture oil is a very potent oil than a capsule or any other form of CBD. With its high potency, one has to be careful of the dosage consumed, and it is advisable to get a recommendation from a doctor.

The Tincture oil potency is 300mg, and you can use the built-in dropper to measure the quantity of the CBD oil applied. You can apply the amount needed on food to be taken. You can as well apply it on your favorite beverages or drinks as you relax.

Since it is unflavored, it will in no way change the taste of the food or drink, which make it easy to consume without any reaction to change in flavor.

To preserve the CBD oil, store in a cool and dry place.