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Mango CBD Tincture 1500mg by Julian Marley Juju Royal


The CBD Tincture oil by Julian Marley Juju Royal has mango flavor that provides the Tincture oil with a sweetened taste. With a blend of MCT oil, Beta-caryophyllene, organic terpenes, CBD, and mango flavor, it helps in promoting health and wellness. The natural hemp used in this Tincture oil is made from certified hemp by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

For the best experience in CBD product, Juju Royal CBD makes use of the appropriate Organic Cultivation practices and advanced CO2 extraction method.


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This product contains less than 0.03% THC. Legal in 49 states and 40 Countries.


MCT oil, CBD oil, Beta caryophyllene, organic steam-distilled terpenes, natural flavoring.

Reasons to Purchase CBD Tincture 1500mg Mango Online

  • Easy for beginners and experienced users to get their daily dosage of CBD. It is easy to administer, and you can easily measure the dosage to consume.
  • The CBD Tincture oil is the cleanest you can get, gone through a process of organic cultivation practices and CO2 extraction method.
  • Hemp product used is certified and obtained from farms in Colorado.

Why You Should Pick CBD Tincture 1500mg Mango as Your Daily Dosage

CBD Tincture 1500mg Mango flavor is suitable in promoting general wellness of the body. It is easy to take for beginners as the mango flavor helps in masking the taste of the hemp in the product. It contains no THC, and it is made up of natural elements, so the effect is not toxic to the body.

With the mango flavor, it is easy to take, and since the CBD is in liquid form, it is readily absorbed in the body. The effect is fast, as it relaxes the nerves of the body, makes you very productive in your daily activities.

How to Take CBD Tincture 1500mg Mango

CBD Tincture oil is beneficial for it is in liquid form and quickly absorbed when taken in any way. Tincture oil usually comes with a built-in dropper for easy measurement of the quantity of CBD oil to be consumed.

There are several ways this tincture can be taken and absorbed in the body. One of such techniques is to add drops to your meal and consume your daily dosage of CBD when you eat your meal. Another way is through adding drops of CBD oil under your tongue using the built-in dropper. This is very effective as it goes directly to the body and acts faster than any other method of administering. You can also add this CBD Tincture oil to your favorite beverage drink to apply this product as you drink it with few droplets in your drink.

Before you administer this CBD oil, you should shake it properly, start with a few drops and increase gradually as you watch the impact of the CBD.

To preserve the quality of the product, store in a cool and dry place, away from heat and humidity.

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Juju Royal Mango CBD Tincture 1500mg