Wink - Signature Pen Kit - White


The Wink Signature Pen Kit is made up of a 0.5g capacity container, a USB cord for charging the refillable container with a solid patent design. The pen has a battery that can be recharged when it is low, and this makes it easy to take any suitable CBD product of your choice. It is white, which makes it trendy and ideal for any gender.

This accessory is the perfect product for those that are new in experiencing CBD products for the first time. It is suitable for those that do not like smoking or drinking or prefers to conceal the fact they are using such products. It is easy to fill the empty cartridge with any CBD flavor of your choice and start using it immediately you charge it fully.


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This product contains less than 0.03% THC. Legal in 49 states and 40 Countries.

The pen tank capacity is 0.5g, and it is refillable with a battery capacity that lasts for up to 20 hours. When the wink CBD oil is exhausted, you can refill it to capacity and reuse the pen.

Why You Should Buy Wink Signature Pen Kit – White Online

You should be within the recommended age limit to purchase the Signature Pen Kit online. Here are some of the reasons you should buy this product online:

  • It is of high quality, made up of material that has passed the safety standard and declares safe to use by humans.
  • It is made in the United States of America.
  • Fast delivery of your signature kit and you can get it the same day you make an order.

Why You Should Pick Wink Signature Pen Kit – White as Your Daily Dosage of CBD

Easy to Use for Beginners and Experienced Users

The Vape pen is the most convenient way to get your daily dosage of CBD than the tincture, capsule, and other techniques. It is the best way for people that are new to using CBD to get the required dosage daily, without smoking or drinking.

Refillable with Wink Essential Oil

The pen is refillable, and you can put it to use the moment it is delivered to you. When you exhaust the CBD oil in the cartridge, you can refill the container and use it again.


The pen kit comes with a USB cord that you can use to recharge the cartridge for easy use. The battery, when fully charged, can last up to 20 hours, and it can be charged in under one hour when plugged to a power source.

How to Take Wink Signature Pen Kit – White

Vape CBD pen is the most efficient way of taking CBD products, and you can feel the effect faster than any other methods of administering CBD. Each puff of vape taken contains 1-2mg of CBD hemp, and you can measure the amount your body can take by the amount of puff you take daily. Start with a little amount of dosage and increase it gradually as you gauge the one that will be effective enough for your body.